I think with how I have been eating and exercising, I should be a damn rail.
I eat meat and vegetables. I cut out fruit awhile back, I had one piece of fruit in weeks. No grains. No dairy for months. Nothing processed.

Now, I eat meat, and fat sources, and lots and lots of vegetables. I don't eat like the standard, pizza-n-coke grabbing American. I exercise daily, even if sometimes, it is just walking and some hand weights.

I wondered if there is something else going on. Is there something in the water? You look around, and there are people dieting and living off lettuce, and they are OBESE as hell. This all might sound "paranoid", for lack of a better word, but it seems like something else is at play. Oh believe me, I won't stop Paleo. I feel much better eating this way.

With how I eat, I feel like I should be a lot slimmer. I really think I need more than 1 hour of strong exercise per day. I agree with the sources that say we are not meant to be sendentary. I think of long ago, and how people worked farms all day, how people had to work for their food, etc. Now, with all of the modern conveniences, it appears that technology isn't really helping our physiques. Yeah, with modern conveniences, we have more time to "exercise"...but it seems stupid to run in place on a treadmill, when it's wasted energy, because we don't get enough motion in our daily lives. Sit all day at work, then walk or run in place to offset it.

I ask why my body is so sensitive. How can other people eat the standard American diet and be so slim? I don't drink soda, no diet soda, never did. I don't eat sandwiches, pizza, etc. I am a weirdo. I never got wisdom teeth. I am an Rh negative. My body is just too sensitive. Would I be one of the survivors, or would the people who can eat pizza for every meal be the survivors?

I remember in college having to walk everywhere and not having enough money for food. Somehow, all of that seemed much healthier. If you've sold it all and moved onto a farm, I envy you. Because growing one's own food seems like the the most intelligent thing one could do. It's survival.

Now, I will shut up.