Like a few ladies around these forums, I use coconut oil as a moisturiser. The other day, I wanted to restock my coconut oil from an unfamiliar supermarket. When I couldn't find it, a staff member led me to 'copha'. I believe that brand name is uniquely Australian, but the product is just a block of 100% hydrogenated coconut oil.

To quiet alarm bells before they ring, NO, I am not thinking of cooking with this stuff! I know the health consequences of eating hydrogenated oils. But, I don't know the consequences of moisturising with hydrogenated oil. Healthwise, and/or effectiveness-wise, do you think there would be any disadvantage in using copha rather than high-quality coconut oil?

In terms of what I would be absorbing through my skin, I'm sure it wouldn't be worse than whichever commercial moisturiser I might otherwise grab off the supermarket shelf, or what I absorb each day from my makeup, etc. And at ~$10 a litre rather than ~$25 a litre, I'll admit I'm pretty tempted to save money on the stuff I'm smearing on my face and hair, so I can spend more on the quality stuff for eating.

Any thoughts?