OK, so as a diabetic, I drink a lot of water.... like literally close to a gallon a day. But honestly, I might do that even if I wasn't. I love drinking water. Now, as a diabetic, you have a huge downside - you pee quite often. I really was peeing just about every hour during the day, and 2 -4x a night ( I drink all night. I even drink after peeing at night ).

So, lets call it about 16x a day.

Friday was my 5th day on primal. On Thursday, I noticed that I was peeing a lot less.

So on Friday, I paid attention to how often I was going. I went 7x today, and am headed to bed in a bit... Even if I did go 4x overnight, I would still be down 5x a day. But I honestly feel like I might get by tonight only going once, MAYBE twice. We'll see. But I really think that going primal is cuttting down the number of trips to the bathroom.

I just wanted to share with other diabetics who might be new to PB. I can't swear this is a result of going primal, but what else would / could it be?