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Thread: Insuling and Alzheimer's on Charlie Rose

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    Insulin and Alzheimer's on Charlie Rose

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    The 3/25 episode of Charlie Rose was all about aging and Alzheimer's disease, and one of the researchers mentioned (very briefly) the role of insulin and glucose. Mainly they talked about the genetic links, but I still thought it was great. Type III diabetes, indeed.

    at around the 43:00 minute mark:
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    Yeah, I was shocked to learn about this in GCBC. The med school kids in my class a couple of weeks ago refused to believe it. The implications are just too dire for our public health policy.
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    I really need to watch this, as I'm studying the brain and things that affect proper function and the way our brains age. I am a neurofeedback practitioner and I'm convinced that a lot of my clients' cognitive imbalances have everything to do with their diets. I think a lot of their anxiety disorders do too.
    I have read that glycosalation turns the temporal lobes into "swiss cheese", so to speak (not good, as our nervous system responses happen in there and so does long term memory storage.

    Alzheimer's runs in my family and I just learned that my grandfather, who had Alzheimer's, had also developed Type 2 diabetes in his 70's, shortly before his Alzheimer's began to manifest. Coincidence? Probably not. I found an article explaining the link:

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