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Thread: Something in my coffee

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    I like the reduced sugar quik choclate milk powder in my coffee. Ok I know sugary death etc but 1 tblspoon a day will no kill ya and it tastes good.
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    I have done a spoonful of coconut oil plus a heaping spoon of unsweetened cocoa powder in the blender with coffee. It's not as good as something more milky, but it's drinkable.

    I swear one of these days I'm going to get up the courage to try beef tallow bulletproof coffee he he.
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    GO BLACK! Get used to the dark bold flavors, the burnt taste really makes you appreciate the hidden brown sugar and maple flavors some espressos have. FIND A GOOD ESPRESSO!

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    I've been drinking coffee black more and more lately. For an interesting variation I'm sometimes adding ground Cardamon. A quarter teaspoon to two tablespoons of coffee. Fresh ground is best, just like coffee. Try it, it's good.

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    Coconut cream! Totally different than coconut milk (well, not totally, but a lot different). AND you can try it for under a dollar if you can find the small boxes of it (WalMart carries them). I use the Kara brand because it's cheap, but I'm sure there are better brands out there.

    I can wean myself down to black coffee eventually, but it's hard to lose both sugar and cream at once.

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    i am not big on coconut flavour at all but i find if i make the coconut coffee creamer ( can of coconut cream, 1 egg, a big spoon or so of deodourised coconut oil and vanilla ), IF i put it in my coffee first thing in the morning, it is fine. further on in the day, it fades on me a bit but it is still better than no coffee or black coffee, however hard i practise.

    I swear one of these days I'm going to get up the courage to try beef tallow bulletproof coffee he he.
    i dare ya! i have some venison tallow atm so we could compare notes but you have to go first lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heatherly View Post
    I find dairy to be a crutch for me - drink a glass of milk, grab some cheese, a quick scoop of yogurt. I find it is my go to item and know that it needs to become a much smaller part of my diet. I don't think I will quit it for good but I wanted to try for 30 days.
    Heavy cream in my coffee is the LAST place I'll cut dairy out of my diet. I would give up *cheese* before my coffee & cream.
    *My obligatory intro

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