Hi all,
I deeply apologize if there are already posts about this topic but I would really appreciate any advice someone may have.

To start out id like to say that i am a 23 year old 145lb 6' very healthy and active girl. I have been eating healthy (or so i thought) for my whole life, since feb i have been gluten free and not really eating much gluten free grains either, I was still one to get weak if i did not eat every three hours (its like clockwork, if i didnt eat I feel like i would pass out and could physically not do much activity) and during spin classes or runs I didnt feel strong enough

After reading Marks book and the Whole 30 I realized I was a sugar burner (is that possible even though I really have never had alot of sugar or bad carbs?) I want to make the transition into a fat burning machine (and also tone up..) but I am having trouble not eating every three hours like I am used to. my body gets very very weak and I feel like I am going to pass out. I get shaky too.
I have just recently started to add butter (kerrygold) back into my diet, as didnt eat that or many other fats before going primal. I now cook with a teaspoon of coconut oil or butter

My sample meals are:
coffee with almond milk
three eggs, half avocado, peppers (maybe bacon some days)
almond butter and carrots
spinach salad with carrots walnuts chicken avocado olive oil and vinegar and cucumber
salmon with broccoli

its very irratating for me because even after I eat (even as I type this..I am weak and I just ate spinach and 1/4 ground beef cooked in butter) I am still weak!!! but I dont want to eat too much food and gain weight.

thanks for the help