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Thread: Fudge Rounds and Star Crunches

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    Utz actually makes a variety of chips fried in lard, Grandma Utz's: UTZ

    They're probably using snowden potatoes like most other chip makers. Those are higher in solanine. And I'm sure the lard is not from pastured pigs. But it's certainly better than chips fried in soybean/canola oil and probably the best option if you're not going to make your own.

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    for those of you who ate the HFCS snack cakes as children. do not despair, they are still in your cells LOL

    We had a local bakery that made doughnuts circa 1975. then the place shut down and Dunkins came in... there was no comparison. turned me off doughnuts way before i learned that specific foods are actually bad for you no matter the quantity.

    I naturally stopped enjoying soda etc when HFCS started taking over, i didnt understand why and it was not a fight.

    anyone over 35 remember dolly madison chocolate pies? remember when they added hfcs... yeck

    anyone remember the apple barn in Gatlingburg before 1995?

    What about your local pizza house between 1960 and 1982 then the wheat rust destroyed that strain of wheat, and for you fact checkers it wasnt the rust in my opinion that harmed the wheat, it was the engineering that made it resist the rust that did the trick.

    so much food is gone and can never be replaced due to the damage we did to the planet while attempting to become more technologically advanced
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    I was always a fan of Nutty Bars. Loved to eat them layer by layer.

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    BBQ Kettle Chips </3

    Nutty Bars were pretty good, they sold those at my middle school and my friends and I would pool money to get them, unbeknownst to the parentals of course. :P

    Edit: I can't believe I just wrote "unbeknownst" who does that?! Hehe

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