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Thread: Reactions to SAD meals

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    I drank a beer today. Felt a bit intoxicated afterwards. Could have been because I was in the hot sun, too.

    I've had a few somewhat SAD meals and mostly I'm just disappointed. They taste funny, too sweet or too much MSG and not very satisfying. I had an ice cream once. It was quality ice cream and my favorite flavor and a small size but I was like meh, I can't finish this and gave it to my boyfriend. I had some of a brownie sundae thing once and that was pretty good. It took all my willpower not to ravish the whole thing.
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    grains give me a wicked upset stomach now, they always kinda did, but now I REALLY know it.

    Sweet things are REALLY sweet, most cakes/pies/cookies etc are too sweet for my taste buds.

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    I have been primal 3 full months now. If I have a small amount of wheat or grains I feel sick to my stomach -- it's bad news --- people next to me can hear my stomach rumbling.

    If i ingest sugar -- wholly Hannah --- I crawl into my bed, with heart palpitations and don't come out of bed for a few hours. It feels as though I'm on drugs and unable to move the limbs on my body -- it's like an out of body experience. It's such a bad experience that I've asked my husband to stop me before I ingest any sugar again. We laugh about it, but I've asked him to seriously stop me from doing it. I'm a train wreck on sugar.
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    The only cheating I've done since starting this almost 2 months ago is the occasional beer. No more than 1 a week, and while I've noted that I feel the effect of that single beer more than I once did, there are no other effects. Earlier this week I tried a slice of uncured slow-cooked ham that only had 3 ingredients and felt awful afterwards. It had evaporated cane sugar as one of those ingredients and my stomach just plain more of that!

    I wish that I COULD drink red wine, but my body hates the tannins and sulfides in I doubt I will give up my yummy craft beer totally. I strongly dislike the hard stuff - just don't like the taste (or effects) at all. I figure if it takes me a month to go through a 6-pack of high quality stout that it can't really be hurting even though it is a lot of empty calories (that were originally grain...)
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