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Thread: Quinoa and sweet potato questions from a newbie

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    Quinoa and sweet potato questions from a newbie

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    I'm fairly new to primal and have found it pretty easy so far (not out of the woods yet). My question is about quinoa and sweet potatoes. They are ok in moderation, right? How often? Is it total carbs that are the pitfall here? They are making my transition so much easier but I want to know if they are my Achilles heel. Them and peanut butter, that is.

    Huge thanks for your thoughts,


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    These potatoes should be kept in a cool, dark, and dry location; this will help them to remain fresh for approximately for 10 days. Storage in plastic bags is inadvisable. They need to receive sufficient ventilation.

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    Carbs are only a concern if you're trying up lose weight. Quinoa...meh. Not the best food you can eat but not the worst. Peanuts are a legume, and to be eaten in moderation. Sweet potatoes are the only primal item on your list, and I wouldn't consider quinoa an Achilles' heel simply because nobody has ever gorged themselves into a food coma and destroyed their healthy manner of eating for the week over a steaming, tasty (ick) bowl of quinoa...
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