I am in the process of reading Good Calories Bad Calories, so I know intellectually that Total cholesterol for a person over 50, particularly a woman, is not particularly meaningful. I also know that when you have lost 30+ pounds in a short period of time your total cholesterol can be elevated. Stilll, I am rather surprised that my numbers went up. I had expected them to be the same or lower. Here's my comparison from 2007 (the last blood work I had done) to this week's results. I have been on Primal Blueprint since the beginning of January and have lost somewhere between 40-45 pounds.

2007 Cholesterol 256 Now 334
2007 Calc LDL 157 Now 259
2007 HDL 41 Now 51
Triglycerides 294 Now 122

So, my HDL is up marginally, which is good, but it's not up as much as I would have thought. The biggest plus is that my triglycerides which were scary high before are now under 150 which is pretty good, although I've heard of some people having trigs under 100 oreven under 75!

Naturally, the doctor was concerned about my over 300 cholesterol and I explained that I was not alarmed because I have read that this is a common phenomenon with significant weight loss. I said I was much more interested in the HDL and Triglycerides which are good. He wanted me to "take something to bring down my numbers while I am working on diet and exercise!" I replied that I was not currently concerned due to my weight loss and the improvement in HDL and Trigs and that I would have another blood test done in 3 - 6 months to see where the numbers stood, and if they were still high at that time. . . . well, I don't expect they will be, but even if I still have total cholesterol over 300 I would never take statins. My willingness to monitor the situation seemed to satisfy the doctor, but he is only a "nurse practitioner" and I'm not sure if the blood work will be handed over to my M.D and perhaps he will be more concerned and more insistent that I "do something."

Could someone please remind me what the ratio of HDL to Trigs is supposed to be? I know that's supposed to be a better indicator of good heart health than LDL or total cholesterol. Any other comments and observations on these numbers are also much appreciated.