During aug/sept I was on holiday in USA for 3 weeks and came back 15 lbs heavier!! Now I am away in Italy, Lake Garda, and I am struggling again! It's like when I get out of my normal routine, my resolve to stay primal melts away! It's not about the actual meals, I never succumb to those nasty old grains or desserts, sticking to meats and salads.....it's the occasional glass of wine.....and the teensy weensy pretty cookies they put on the plate with my coffee! Last night I resisted the wine, but no way could I pass by the Gelato counter whilst walking through the ruins at Sirmione......it just looked so absolutely wonderfully enticing!! I was enticed.....but to be honest it didn't taste as good as it looked, so I only ate half of it! I just know tho that I will go home 5lbs heavier, having regained what I lost after the states, and still 10 lbs heavier than when I first went on holiday!!

Does anybody have any little tips, other than staying in my hotel room for the next 2 days.....even that is dangerous, I ate the peanuts from the mini bar the first day, but I did resist the M&M's!!