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Thread: Great Results But Is It The Norm?

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    Great Results But Is It The Norm?


    I've been following the PB style of eating for the last 6 weeks or so, but ate low carb for quite a while on and off before that, a la paleo, so probably not really low carb as I ate a lot of veg.

    so, 6 weeks or so ago, I was around 86kk, 6ft 2.5inch male, 44 old.

    First couple of weeks I lost around 2kg, nice eh? Then I really started to look at my macro numbers and play with the idea of v low carb, having read the Phinney/Volek 'performance' book.

    So, I have set my macros at 129grms fat per day, 133 grms protein, and carbs at around 30grms. Cals per day around 1800-2000 in general, some days I eat more, but never less than 1800.

    Yesterday, for example, I instructed 4 group exercise classes, one spinning, 3 kettlebell, although I really hold myself back on the classes these days, instruct a lot more than I 'do'.

    Anyhow, yesterday, as an example, I consumed 2333 cals, 70% from fat, 23% from protein, and a lowly 5.8% from carbs.

    On Aug 30th I weighed 84.4kg, that had dropped to 80.9kg on Sept 10 (really the couple of weeks since I cut the carbs right back). Had a bit of a plateau and gain until 23 Sept, weighing 81.2 on that day.

    Over the last few days, including yesterdays moderate eat, I dropped to 79.5kg today.

    I can see the body fat melting away, I am never hungry (still have a square too many of dark choc occasionally), have great energy, run 8-9 classes per week, jog a bit, do pullups, sprints once a week, trx suspension trainer etc, and still the body fat is falling away.

    Great you might say, what are you complaining about?? well, i'm not, but my goal is 10% BF and having hopped into a bodpod the other day, which gave current predicted BF around 15%, I need to shed another 3kg or so of fat to hit 12% or so.

    It just seems tooooo easy at the moment. Getting close to ideal composition should be harder than this shouldn't it?

    I'd really like to hear from anyone who found it pretty easy. The last 3kg could be a bugger, but it just seems that I should be finding it somewhat harder.

    should I eat more? I feel fine, not hungry, could up protein from .8grms per lb lean body mass to 1grm, making sure I am not losing muscle, although it doens't look like I am, and the whole ketosis thing is supposed to preserve muscle mass.

    Whadya reckon???? All good, or eat more and slow it up?

    Cheers in advance
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