A friend and his girlfriend wanted me over for dinner so I could go over some documents with them. I knew she was going to be probably making some kind of pasta dish or something similar, so I wasn't looking too forward to it. She's one of those people who would be crestfallen if I didn't eat her food, so I had already made peace with this being the one meal in the last several weeks that I hadn't made for myself. I eat really clean, and wasn't going to stress about one meal. No big deal.

Sure enough, manicotti, garlic bread, Brussels sprouts, brownie, ice cream (she also constantly gripes about putting some weight on even though she's running and riding a bike a lot). Had a little of everything, and now feel sluggish, burping a lot, kind of gross overall. Oh well. Good training for the Great American Beer Festival in a few weeks, where I already know I'm taking the weekend 100% off, I guess. I don't worry about a few times a year of just going crazy, since I don't have cravings or food issues or anything. Just treat it like the occasional drinking binge for special occasions.

Still feel kinda gross though.