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Thread: Please give me some ideas for good carbs to eat

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    Please give me some ideas for good carbs to eat

    I'm looking for good carbs. I want to avoid lectins (wheat/grains/buckwheat/legumes) which i have been eating a lot of. I believe that lectins do interfere with insulins ability to bind to cells.

    I think winter squashes are a great carb and they are so far the only good carb I can find.

    Taro root can have cyanide in it which can be harmful, if not prepared right.
    Yams and sweet potatoes have relatively high levels of oxalates

    I'm looking for a good solid carb that I can eat every day. I'm totally redesigning my diet. I want to have about 100g carbs a day and that means I will have to eat about 1kg of carb foods. So I'm prepared to eat 400g of acorn squash each day (boiled) and I will also eat 500g of chicken breast (about 130g protein). The only thing I am missing is another 600g of a good carb.

    Please help as I am having a hard time finding a good one.

    My plan is then to create a kind of soup where I put the food in and when I want to eat I take 200g of the carb food mix and 100g of the chicken. This is the way I have eaten for 1 year since i radically changed my diet but I have used brown rice as my carb. I stopped because of the high levels of manganese in brown rice and of course lectins. I switched to buckwheat and ate that as my carb until a few weeks ago due to the lectins. Now I'm looking for good carbs.

    So far, I've got acorn squash.

    Any ideas??
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