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Thread: Need primal meal ideas for non-primal friends...

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    Need primal meal ideas for non-primal friends...

    I'm likely to be hosting some friends at my place for dinner on Saturday. None of them are primal by any standard. They are definitely grain-addicted CW types. However, I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for some good primal meals I could make that would impress the crowd?

    There are no vegetarians in this crowd and everyone eats veggies too, so those are also good to go.

    I'm hoping to avoid the common trap of "just use tubers" so that I can make something that will really impress them and show-off the primal diet (yet I can't be preachy about it).

    Anyhow, taking suggestions for some good meal options!

    Oh yeah, and one of them doesn't do well with spicy foods.
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