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    I see threads like this posted by men who are frustrated with their wives or girlfriends too. Concern for a partner's health and unhappiness with their poor choices is not a gender-specific issue.
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    i think what makes it so frustrating is that you promised to love them for better or worse, and they're actively making it "worse" when it could be "better".

    Other than kidney stones, my man is pretty healthy, but he's definitely not Primal. I could see him switching if he ever got a serious diagnosis though. He sees the logic, but he just doesn't want to change yet.
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    Clearly the guy is a lost cause, and you're unhaaappy? Go collect cash & prizes immideiately, you poor, poor thing.

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    Karo I am sorry that someone decided to bang his hammer in judgement on you. I think many of us realize that what you are going through is very hard. And you do reach a point where you have to do what is best for you and your kids. I pray that he will see it and join you. Hang in there.
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    And one of the great things about primal is how quickly many people feel/get better when they make the switch. So, if he decides to change, you can have a healthier husband pronto!

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    I have an extremely close friend who I have known now for oh...

    15 years?

    We're really close. But the guy weighs 250 lbs and is only 5'6". He's storing it all as belly fat too. It's hard to look at him now. He asked me the other day, about how I stay so skinny and healthy.

    When I told him about the PB he was up in arms. He said low-carb was a "dangerous mania released on society that is slowly killing those individuals who buy into it." I was thinking that's a bit harsh. But he said to me, "I now realize you are not 'healthy' but are rather, slowly wasting away. You are killing yourself. I hope you're happy."

    Yeah... Thanks "friend."

    Although I don't think he actually believes I am killing myself by wasting away. He just doesn't want to accept that making these changes are extremely easy. He'd rather continue to complain about how hard it is and continue to have excuses to do nothing than to admit "it's easy," in which case, he'd have no more excuses.

    I know how you feel. It's really sad to watch people do this to themselves.

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    i dislike fat bashers. i do, really. but he sounds like a dumbass who doesn't have a right to point fingers at anyone accusing them of killing themselves
    yeah you are

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    I've found the relationship between husbands and wives are tricky things... full of all kinds of power struggles that have nothing to do with the topic at hand. And sometimes, even though your spouse is not openly agreeing with you, they MAY be taking things in. Seeing your health improve, seeing you lose weight, etc. And down the road, your good example may influence them down the path to good health. But it needs to be a silent example.

    I hope you and your husband can find a path to health together.

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    I cook delicious food. There's good food to eat in our refrigerator. Nobody in my family complains about what's "on offer." I've never made a pronouncement about what's okay, or not okay.

    Nobody in our family goes hungry. Anybody in our family is welcome to buy food, cook food, and offer it to anybody else. No explanations necessary. I think I just don't "get" how this issue can become an issue.

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    Tonight my partner declared he wasn't hungry because today was pizza day at the office. So I cooked myself a big pile of liver and onions with Swiss chard and beet greens sauteed in bacon. There was plenty of liver in the pan for him if he'd like some. Instead he had corn chips and salsa. I offered him some fruit, too. He complained the fruit had an aftertaste. It's incredibly freeing to just say screw it, I don't care anymore. Two more huge pieces of liver leftover, all for me. And the sapote fruit was really good.
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