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Thread: Anti-inflammatory diets

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    Anti-inflammatory diets

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    Hi all

    For the last month I've been consentrating my efforts into consuming as much anti-inflammatory foods as possible to reduce my scoliosis pain. I had been reading about so many people on Primal diets who have had wonderful success with pain reduction, so even though I'd been primal since March with no noticable difference I thought I'd double my efforts.

    I've done a little reading about anti-inflammatory diets - most of which is primal stuff anyway, so I started taking fish oil supplements, green tea, tumeric, kelp, reduced my dairy intake significantly, and I'm trying to eat more berries (need to work on that). So far after a month, I've seen not much improvement at all. I still have chronic pain although I'd say its a little less than before (ie I'm not such a write off in the evenings anymore).

    I'm wondering if there are other things I can do or include in my diet that I've missed. Has anyone else tried this type of eating with/without success? Do I need to just keep going for a bit longer, just be patient?

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    Remember, just as important as what you eat is what you're NOT eating. No grains, no industrial vegetable oils, etc.

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    I'm not sure diet will have anything but marginal effects on something like scoliosis. Its not a matter of inflammation that your bones are misaligned with each other. My sister had it and spent many years growing up in a body brace to correct it. - preparing for life's worst while living for the best

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    LizzieLou, have you gone into the archives ? If you put Scoliosis into the search tab it actually comes up with a heap of articles. I didn't read any, but they could be worthwhile having a flick through
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