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Thread: Endometriosis, Vitex, Birth Control

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    my b/f has had a vasectomy so i don't need to be on birth control. another variable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noodletoy View Post
    my b/f has had a vasectomy so i don't need to be on birth control. another variable.
    Same here, though I didn't even know him when I had the Mirena in, so we're super-protected now.

    I went to the Quick Care for a cough that wouldn't go away last week. The nurse handed me a 2012 calendar and asked me to point to the date of my last period. "Got anything that goes back a bit further? Like 2006?" Um... never mind.

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    My husband had a vascectomy also. I was so hoping I wouldn't need to go on birth control. I have used the Diva cup before, but went back to tampons. My cramps are minimal compared to what I used to go through and that is through going primal. I was thrilled that since going primal has helped in many ways, yet to have regular cycles I still needed metformin. (PCOS). But it seems that having regular cycles aggravated the endometriosis. The pain is strictly located behind my rectum. so pain with bowel movements, gas & sex. My symptoms point to endo getting involved with my colon. Thus the possible surgery since they can't burn it out, it must be cut out. So birth control was my hope to avoid surgery and definitely avoid stuff like Lupron. I did that in 1996. Horrible horrible.

    So, I've determined that I need to bleed less often... Not each month, which eliminates natural means. Now, I am doing bone broth daily, organ meats etc. I will continue to eat the best possible way. I have kelp supplements, but need my tummy to get used to them.

    I decided to stop this pill pack early, have my period and start fresh with a new pack and give it more time. The first two months were great. The mood swings are hard for sure, but I love being pain free. Thanks for your responses. I appreciate them.

    And Grizz, your heart may be in the right place. I have seen your advice many times and looked into it. But I do not agree and kindly ask that you do not try with me anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodorchid View Post
    like i've said in response to grizz's sweeping generalizations i can't even remember how many times now, IODINE HAS NOT CURED MY PCOS

    cutting out grains and fake foods helps female issues tremendously (i had/ve a lot of them), i wish you luck
    Ugh. Yes. Iodine is NOT a cure-all. In fact, it made me sick. No matter what time of day I took it, I had the most horrible buzzing-in-awakeness insomnia at night. AWFUL. There is absolutely no way that whatever benefits it provides could have outweighed the side effects of not sleeping for days on end.

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