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Thread: Very limited diet choices due to food allergies/asthma: Need meal ideas!

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    Very limited diet choices due to food allergies/asthma: Need meal ideas!

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    I am on a very limited diet diet due to allergies & asthma. I'm 5'9", female, 38, 114lbs. Certain foods seem to really kick in my asthma. I can't afford to lose any weight but am forever wondering what I can eat without eating the same thing every single day...

    This is wat I CAN eat:

    Organic & Free Range Meat (pork, beef, chicken)
    COOKED fruits & vegetables (no salads, no veggie sticks, etc.. it MUST be cooked)
    Potatoes/Sweet potatoes
    Safflower/Canola Oil
    Some seasonings & spices

    I think that about covers it. If its not on the list, I can't eat it. NO SOY, TREE NUTS, COCONUT, DAIRY, SMOOTHIES, Sulphites, etc... so no dressings, marinades, etc...

    I'm at a loss... Any suggestions to get in 3 meals a day so my weight stays up?

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    Have you checked out the recipe forum yet? I think you will find that you have more options than you think - for instance veggie omelettes, pulled pork, zucchini "spaghetti", pork/beef stuffed peppers, etc. You can also check out some of the paleo/primal recipes online. I have found some great ones and have even ordered a few cookbooks.
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    watch out with those oils!

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    Thanks, I'll check out the recipe forum!

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    Jakey, no choice in the matter.

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    Eggs or frittata for breakfast, grilled or roasted meat with sauteed veggies or soup for lunch, stew for supper. It is pretty wide range of foods, actually. Can't you use olive oil or drippings instead of canola? You can eat baked sweet potatoes and fruit for breakky, like souffles... mmgh.
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    I'm sorry for being a bit of a sceptic who maybe sounds like an ass, but really? What are the things you CAN'T eat/why? This just doesn't really add up for me right now. Especially how you're unable to eat raw vegetables, and can only eat nasty oils. My SO has asthma and nut allergies, so I'm aware of certain things that might set off or inflame reactions but this seems like a bit of extremism.
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    no fish of any kind?


    ghee has all the milk solids removed.

    canola oil is utter garbage. why are you eating it? animal fats, like lard and tallow? recently cooked my eggs in some rendered chicken fat and WOW! was that good. my usual breakfast is bone broth with some greens and either eggs or bits of meat stirred in there. i add in some of the animal fat (or butter) and it sets me up for hours.

    i eat very few raw veggies, since most i simply prefer cooked. there are HUNDREDS of options here. cook your fruits down into confits.

    set aside some time for googling primal recipes, not just here, but all over the web. you're not as limited as you seem to feel. i think you just need to expand your cooking horizons a bit more.
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    Second the lard, suet, and schmaltz. Much healthier and tastier!

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    I'm not going to argue with your other issues at all (re:veg and such) as you know your body better than I do CERTAINLY!

    However... I would suggest that you consider replacing the safflower/canola oils with good natural animal fats.
    There are MANY to choose from.

    Lard from pork or good natural bacon.
    Tallow from beef. (I prefer the tallow on beef heart and from marrow bones)
    Goose and Duck fat. (Roasting one goose or a duck will give you more fat than you expect... the Goose a LOT more. A bit expensive, but a nice change/treat on occasion. )
    Schmaltz from chicken fat. (Trim fat chunks and lose skin flaps from chickens, keep in freezer bag until you have a good amount, then render... amazing schmaltz! Also, adding necks to a bot of bone broth gives some extra schmaltz.)
    (I recommend rendering all of these yourself... you do not have to do HUGE batches)

    I also have a pretty limited diet for medical reasons as well... play with your food.
    Google recipes for the an ingredient(s) you want to use until you find one that is near to you requirements, then make a few substitutions to make it fir your needs.
    Be open minded and willing to try new things.
    For instance... "cabbage, apple, and onion saute with pork" might not sound great to those who have never had it... but it's a pretty traditional dish, and it's delicious IMO!
    This works really well for me.
    You can make it work!
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