I am on a very limited diet diet due to allergies & asthma. I'm 5'9", female, 38, 114lbs. Certain foods seem to really kick in my asthma. I can't afford to lose any weight but am forever wondering what I can eat without eating the same thing every single day...

This is wat I CAN eat:

Organic & Free Range Meat (pork, beef, chicken)
COOKED fruits & vegetables (no salads, no veggie sticks, etc.. it MUST be cooked)
Potatoes/Sweet potatoes
Safflower/Canola Oil
Some seasonings & spices

I think that about covers it. If its not on the list, I can't eat it. NO SOY, TREE NUTS, COCONUT, DAIRY, SMOOTHIES, Sulphites, etc... so no dressings, marinades, etc...

I'm at a loss... Any suggestions to get in 3 meals a day so my weight stays up?