Hey everyone, I'm new here and completely new to this diet- in fact, I just discovered it! I think it sounds fantastic. The only problem for me, however, is having some meals for me need to be quick and something I can take with me.

For example, this quarter is tough because I have all my classes in one day back to back with no time to go home in between and cook anything. On those days, my routine thus far has been a Carnation Breakfast drink with skim milk for breakfast and a cliff bar and water for lunch.

Is there anything comparable to these that work with the primal diet? For mornings I need something quick because I'm one of those that's prone to just skip it otherwise (which I realize is a big no-no). And the cliff bar for lunch is something I can just throw in my bag and run out the door with, I also don't have much time in between my classes. Are there any bars out there comparable to cliff bars that are better for me? And what about some kind of shake for breakfast? (I assume Carnation doesn't meet Primal standards and I saw a thread on this board talking about cliff bars being evil).

Thanks a ton! I could really use some suggestions!