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Thread: Looking For Primal Foods that Do not Need to Be Refrigerated, Preferably LC

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    TJ's doesn't have coconut butter. Whole Foods has it with the oils, I think.
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    You'll need your veggies, but most vegetables don't keep well without a fridge. How about pickled veggies? You can find pickled carrots, beans, beets. It's really a shame you're not into canned meat, tinned salmon is especially good.

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    you can keep butter on the counter as well as RAW milk. its just going to sour pretty quickly
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    I didn't read all the responses but the first few and noticed someone said that eggs can't be kept at room temp. Fresh pastured eggs especially if unwashed can be kept at room temperature for many weeks actually. Washing shortens the time but they are still good to go for quite a while. We keep ours on the counter and my understanding is many cultures do not refrigerate them. They are kind of designed to sit out and not spoil until the hen has layed as many as she wants to sit on. Which is often three or four weeks worth. For the other things I think I'd try to either share the house fridge or get the room fridge. Hopefully, you will start feeling more comfortable there soon. Sorry about your break up.

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    yes most other cultures do keep eggs safely at room temp, but unlike elsewhere, standard practice in the u.s. is to wash eggs before selling them, which removes the natural protective coating on the eggshell, making them more susceptible to contamination.

    if you can buy farm eggs unwashed, then yes, they are fine at room temp for more than a few days.
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    Thanks for all the lovely suggestions guys! I actually made a list yesterday and pretty much bought some form of everything that was suggested by you all. The list included
    1. Coconut Butter
    2. Fresh Pasteured eggs to be used up in 3 days
    3. Canned Fish including canned sardines, Canned Mackerels and Canned Salmon
    4. Nuts mainly cashew and macadamia
    5. Some pickled veggies
    6. Bison Jerky
    7. Grassfed Butter

    I have also opened up to the idea of sharing a frigde. I actually thought I would be sharing the house with two people but it is just me and the owner of the house! haha, yes, I was so desperate to find a decent place so quickly that I did not even bother to confirm. I just thought that given the size of the house there will be at least one other roomate, but apparently the landlord/owner is self employed and keeps the extra rooms for her business. Anyway thanks again for the great ideas!

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