Hello My Primal Fam!

So my partner and I have mutually agreed to separate for the time being....long story a little sad but such is life.

Anywho I was forced to find a place really quick (just did not want to be around the house/memories) in 3 days and the only decent place I found with reasonable pricing is a huge house I have to share with two other people. They seem nice. At any rate, I have not been really one to cook much but I am a little bit sketched with sharing a kitchen constantly with two people I do not know. It might change as they seem pretty nice but I have just always had my own place and then the place with my partner but due to some huge financial hits (sick dog mostly) and wanting to save up to buy my own place, all the decent one bedrooms are pretty out of my range.

Pardon the Long winded narration but I was wondering what kinds of foods and snacks I can store in my room.

So far all I have are eggs, seasnax and jerkys. I do NOT like canned fish or any canned meats really and trying to limit my nuts. Can you guys think of yummy low carb snacks and food I can have without having to refrigerate and eat for a week at least? and where I can find such foods in Ontario? The more creative the better! I rarely cook and spend most of my day time at work anyway so something I can just grab and go will be much appreciated. Thanks Guys!