I love how great I feel on the PBD. I tell anyone who will listen about it.....but only after they ASK, or if they complain about joint pains. I have a few friends who have tried it after they saw the results on me.

My question is: Is it "normal" to suddenly start losing weight again? I started the PBD October 1, 2011. I lost 20lbs in the first 2 months. Then it took another 2 mos to lose 5 more lbs. I was happy with how I looked and FELT (NO MORE CHRONIC HIP PAIN!!) .....someone told me recently that "all caps" sounds angry and rude. Sorry, I'm just a passionate girl who talks "loud" when she's excited.

I have maintained the weight lose (give or take 2 lbs) with a minor set back of 5 lbs in March, that came and went very quickly (the culprit: too many nuts and too much fruit!) As soon as I cut back on those the 5 lbs came off. In a week!

Now suddenly I have lost 8 more lbs in the past 4 weeks. I'm not doing anything differently.....I don't know.....maybe I'm eating a little less now that school has started back up and I'm a busy homeschooling momma. I hadn't noticed I was eating less.....and I'm definitely eating plenty of my daily dose of 72% chocolate.

I just want to make sure this is a normal Primal pattern, and not an indication of a tapeworm or something. LOL! It's nice weighing less than I did in high school and NOT have an eating disorder like I did back then.