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Thread: Primal crock pot recipes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by meeshar View Post
    This is the recipe I used: Easy Brazilian Cheese Bread (Po de Queijo) Recipe | Simply Recipes Just keep in mind they're really filling and it doesn't hit you right away. My husband had a stomach ache because he ate too many of them! Tapioca flour/starch is pretty carby too, so this was definitely a (grain-free) 20% treat.
    Thanks! I am a little worried the potatoes are going to need more than one hour to cook. Will see soon....

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    Everyday Paleo's crockpot meatballs... They have become a staple in my kitchen.

    Marvelous Meatballs! | Everyday Paleo

    I've got to where I've dropped the almond meal and sometimes substitute kale or spinach (or whatever I have on hand) for the celery and carrots.. Only problem with them is that I wind up eating 3 lbs of meatballs within 24 hours of making them.

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