I'm on a mission - to finally get the body that I've always known lies under this body fat!

I'm a Grandma - albeit a young Grandma and as I head into my 50's I'm determined to finally get my body sorted out. I've had weight problems my whole life - right from a young child and that was back when overweight kids were rare in NZ where I grew up.

My weight problems really became a problem at 17 when I had my first child - I gained 5 stone in 5 months during my pregnancy leaving me weighing in at around 100kg (I'm about 5 foot 3 inches tall or short depending on your point of view...).

The weight since then has gone up and down and up - until at 30 years old I weighed in at close to 120kg.

From there I lost 45kg over 4 years when I quite smoking and started exercising.

Since that time, I've kept off 35 of those kilos always but the rest well it comes and goes - mostly comes...

I don't really have a goal weight - more a goal size which would be about a size 8 (Australian sizing) and lean - I don't give a shit what I weigh. At the moment I'm a size 12-14.

I have an autoimmune thyroid issue that's been there forever I think and a few other niggly things that have been going on. I started on the GAPS diet a few months ago to try to resolve the autoimmune disease and it's making a massive difference, but since starting on it I've realised that maybe the sugar in fruits has always been a part of my problem.

I've been on a pretty clean diet for a long time, with very little if any wheat but was eating rice, raw (sprouted oats and buckwheat) and a lot of fruit. On GAPS I've been off ALL grains and pseudo grains (quinoa and buckwheat) and at the beginning was off all fruit and sugars. Things were good (I've also suffered with IBS pretty much all my life).

Then I started introducing fruits and dried fruits and starting noticing problems - and weight gain. Hmmmmm

So sticking with the GAPS diet, but planning on following Primal blueprint also. I just bought the book so reading and getting ideas. I'll be posting regularly - we'll see what happens...