I'm so pissed off. All my zits are gone, I poop more regularly, my joints don't hurt anymore (I miss my cane!) - and what's worse, I get to eat TONS of bacon. It's awful, I have so much energy I annoy my coworkers. I hardly ever feel hungry unless I REALLY am, and all this fat-burning, lifting and sprinting has etched my body with definition and lines you'd see on models and statues. After 700 days, I would have thought this could be better. I mean, the first six months of figuring out what to eat, all the adjustments my body had to make to an ENTIRELY new way of eating were alright. I had the runs sometimes, and sometimes snacked on nuts to get by. But now that I've lost 45 pounds, look 5 years younger (at 30, that's saying a LOT), and live a better overall life, I just don't know what to say. I guess I'd advise anyone to give up and wuss out early, or you might feel amazing after your body has rebuilt itself.

Been at this over two years. It's legit. People drop likeflies around here for no apparent reason. Stick with it folks, give real food a chance. I know you'll miss living on pizza and twinkies at first. I did. Until about six months in, when my whole person just finally became saturated with nutrition and I felt stable. Now most baked goods actually seem like the sawdust they are. Yeah, I'll eat some free chocolates or a brownie here and there on occasion. But it's not enough to matter! I just stay healthy anyway.