This has happened to me several times now. I train Brazilian jiu jitsu, and sometimes after a particularly intensive warm-up, I'll get these terrible cramps in my lower abdomen. Similar to menstrual cramps, but more centered than toward the sides like my menstrual cramps usually are. And they're definitely not menstrual cramps, just in the same area and feel similar in terms of pain. Twice now they've been so bad I've almost left class; not only are they painful, but I'll also feel a weird sort of stomach upset, not like nausea, but maybe like stomach cramps. That part isn't painful, but it does feel like there's some type of tightening in/around my stomach. Today at class, it was so bad I just straight up had to sit, and then lie, down for several minutes and drink some water before they went away - and poof, they were just gone. No gradual lessening, they just stopped altogether. That's never happened, where I've had to physically stop training, it was crazy. Also, I can roll just fine, it seems to be aerobic, cardiovascular exercise that triggers this.

So...does anyone else experience these types of cramps? Women in particular? A girl I train with said she would get the same thing from intensive exercise but hadn't had it happen for a while. Can they be effectively treated like normal cramps? And speaking of cramps, any suggestions on how to combat them in general? Thanks in advance.