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Thread: I *was" on Prilosec for years.... but now, in just 3 DAYS

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    Oh gosh yes, the tums. We're saving money not needing those anymore, lol! My husband and I went through a lot of bottles in the old days (first SAD, followed by a low fat, high whole grain, almost veg diet) and since we cut the grains out of our diet I honestly can't remember the last time we needed tums. I don't even know where the bottle is.

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    A weekend ago was to a party where, you guessed it, very few primal choices existed. Since I was drinking, I decided to eat some of the "bread sticks" and a piece of banana bread. All went fine until the next day. While working in the yard and bending over - the acid reflux attack occurred only to reconfirm - Don't Do It. Stay Away From Grains at all Costs!

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    I used to get acid reflux regularly and had a prescription for Prilosec. I haven't taken the drug or had acid reflux since the day I stopped eating wheat about 7 months ago.

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