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Thread: Pros/cons of fasting after eating junk food

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    In the future, buy a dozen eggs instead of a pizza. I find a good broccoli omelet tastes better than a pizza anyway, plus it comes with 100% less guilt! You could even put cheese and tomato sauce on/in it if you wanted.

    I dunno how people on here fast for days at a time. I buy into a lot of what I read on this site, but that much fasting seems crazy to me. But I used to be anorexic, so I guess I'll always be skeptical of purposeful meal-skipping, no matter what the valiant reason may be...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feverdiva View Post
    But, I ask you Primal people, will the fasting still be effective after a junk food binge? I plan on fasting from now until Monday (I won't have money for groceries until then, so I'm kinda forced to.)

    You're not eating until MONDAY?????? My God, the do you do that?
    It's not about 'willpowr'.....he just said he's a student, without money until Monday. Open the refrigerator and stare into an empty box ---- that's not willpower --- that's unfortunate but I've been there, too.
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    Should of started the fast earlier? ;>0

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    Drink plenty of water. Tea helps if you can get it. I don't think I could fast after that, because grains make my blood sugar go all wonky. I would probably pass out at some point. I'm sure you can still get the benefits of the fast, but it'll be far less comfortable than if you had eaten a high-fat primal meal first.

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