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Thread: Chicken Bone Marrow Nutritional Value?

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    Chicken Bone Marrow Nutritional Value?

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    Anyone know what the nutrients in the bone marrow of a standard drumstick are like? I think it is mostly fat, but have no idea what type or how much. I have gotten to the point where I really enjoy cracking the cartilaginous head with my teeth and eating the marrow. Yum.

    -Also, what about the spine? Anything useful in there? I can tell it is quite fatty, but I suspect there are some irregular, possibly valuable nutrients in the CNS...

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    Marrow: I don't know precise nutrition facts, but if it's anything like other marrow, it's relatively high in monounsaturated fat, B-vitamins, and tons of minerals. Since it's poultry, it may be a bit higher in PUFA. Most of it is, in fact, fat.

    As far as the spine, it's part of the CNS, so it's going to have DHA/DHEA, various phospholipids in unusually high quantities, and then a bunch of assorted fat besides. Both of them are good stuff.
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