Hi guys and gals,

Thought it would be worth a shot to list some of the symptoms i am feeling currently, and for the best part of a month and a half or so, in the hope someone with similiar experiences or knowledge can shed some light and point me in some directions.

Firstly, i concede i have digestive issues at hand, diagnosed couple years ago now which i have been dealing with and managing fairly well, with obvious ups and downs along the way.

-Comments by others on regarding pale/yellow-ish skin at times
- Sex drive lacking since adopting more primal ways of eating
- weakness and fatigue in leg muscles with 'crampy' feeling to them.
- lack of explosive energy and energy in general
- Sleep isn't all to great, in that i have no problem going to sleep at the same time everytime, but can't get a consistant full 7hrs without interruptions throughout the night

I have seen these symtpoms mentioned quiet a bit on these forums, the worrying thing is how some people like myself really only developed them after getting aquainted with the diet, perhaps there are some flaws that need adressing and conditions by which the diet will work for some and not others.

Had some blood tests done, suspecting mineral deficiencies at first. Came back normal, particularly curious about magnesium as my symptoms match mag deficiency. Turned out my iron levels were above normal range, which i correlated with higher than average intake of red meat and binging on dark chocolate for the week prior to test. Second guess was B12 deficiency but that also came back normal, at aroudn 600.

Anyone can share some opinions on what could be causing my symtpoms and any tests available? I can provide additional blood test markers for a few things if needs be. My GP recommends redoing iron studies test in a month or so to check that i am back in normal range. My gastro says he isn't concerned DESPITE me mentioning my symptoms and not feeling optimal! Was very peeved with his nonchalant attitude but at same time i cant blame him in a way.