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Thread: Thoughts on my symptoms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    I really wish Mark would do a blog post about this since he just recruited so many newbies.

    If you reduce your carbohydrate intake (and face it, everybody new to this has reduced them if they gave up wheat and grains), then your body is going to work completely differently in regards to sodium and hydration. Your kidnesy will dump water and with it, sodium and potassium. This will make you feel horrible and crampy. This water comes from all the glycogen your body was holding onto with your former high carb diet. Your kidneys were holding on to potassium. Now it all comes out because you don't need it anymore. You get a little out of balance at first until you adjust.

    You need more sodium. You need to make sodium a regular part of your diet. It goes against everything common wisdom tells you. It goes against your doctor. But you need it. Your body works differently now. Sodium will help you feel better and it also helps maintain your muscle mass.

    You may wish to take some potassium supplements and some magnesium (citrate, malate, *-ate) supplements, too. Do this for a while to help your cramps and make it easier to sleep. Do talk to your doctor first if you take blood pressure medication. You don't want to take potassium if you do.

    Salt your food, learn to make bone broth, lick a packet of salt off your hand and chase it with a glass of water. You'll feel much better.

    You can also feel better consuming more carbohydrate foods, but at this stage, your diet is so much less in carbs just from removing grains that you probably can't make up for all the current discomfort by adding fruit and potatoes. Even with more fruit and potatoes, your body is going to work differently than it did in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zizou View Post
    Hi Cheffy,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Dehydration has crossed my mind, ever since reading Fiber Menace, i noticed i perhaps was overindulging in water. I was sick of going to the toilet so often, and basically pissing out pure white liquid! So i adopted a 'drink to thirst' mentality. Question is, am i listening to my body enough to interpret just how thirsty i am. I try gauge hydration by colour of urine, mine is slightly darker than straw colour, so perhaps i am a glass or two short. Should give it a shot aye. I hear you on the ketosis thing, but i have significantly upped my carbs to what i was doing at times during primal eating ways. I have parsnips, squashes, rutabagas and rice weekly and would have thought i am not bad on carbs. Definitley should be enough to be out of 'ketosis' which tbf i wouldn't even know how to tell if i am in ketosis

    The sleep thing is annoying because, i fall asleep no problems, geniuinly tired and have a routine, but it's just the lack of consistant deep sleep that's darn annoying. And the leg muscle fatiguness/stiffness which do my head in followed by lower than normal energy levels.

    I'm stats geek too, but to be honest i think i am better off not calorie counting anymore as in reality it just isn't healthy! But i'd wager i am hittiing 100g carbs min on most days.
    Definitely sounds like dehydration. I've noticed that I need to drink to thirst as well. I can't just drink water like crazy, or cause' I'm bored, or I'll be peeing every five minutes haha.

    Oh, and btw, I know everybody's different, but when I'm in ketosis, I can taste it in my mouth. Sometimes I feel like I have BO, but nobody's ever told me anything so idk? When I'm in heavy ketosis (confirmed through ketostix), it can be pretty hard to sleep. And when I do sleep, all I dream about is food haha

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    "1g per 1 lb of lean body mass "
    That is the mantra for protein requirements that some spout. The poster is talking about his meat intake I beleive - meat is not pure protein so his actual protein would be less depending on the type of meat.

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    Hey everyone, thanks for your inputs, really appreciated.

    Decided i will be going down the 'dehydration' path for the time being, and getting my kidneys tested for health. Reviewing my blood tests my eGFR is around 80 which isn't ideal i believe 90 and above is better. It even says at the bottom, a recommendation by the Dr's who put together the pathology results, that it's worth considering testing for albuminuria using first morning sample due to falling within the range of 60-90mL/min/1.73m2. I think if anything i could do with reducing my sodium intake a bit, tests show i'm at 144mmol/L with the normal range being 135-145. I've really fallen in love with salt and pepper since start of the year!

    You really have to advocate for your own health unfortunately.

    Re: 150-200g meat per serve, yes indeed i am referring to the weight of the actual meat not protein. That's about 30g of protein depending on the source in one sitting.

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    And make sure you're eating plenty of liver. Nothing will pick you up faster than a pound of liver!
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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