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Thread: Should I see a Chiropractor on the assumption I have a hiatal hernia?

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    Question Should I see a Chiropractor on the assumption I have a hiatal hernia?

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    I don't have health insurance or the kind of out-of-pocket money to get x-rays done to prove it. I've had this problem for almost 2 years now that sounds pretty spot on to a hiatal hernia. I get episodes of chest pain, abdominal tension, burping, just something mechanically feels out of place and it gives me pain. I sat slouched in a chair for almost ten years and ate large meals for dinner for five. :/

    Do you think it would be wise to give a chiro a try? One said he would treat me despite my lack of testing and he is well decorated.

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    Hmmm. I'm a pretty strong believer in chiropractic, but I have trouble imagining how a chiropractor could do anything with a (non-spinal) herniation....

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    A doctor may be a good idea! Not sure how this stands with you having no health insurance though.

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    Do you know you have a hiatal hernia or are you just guessing?.. all the symptoms you've described could easily be attributed to your body being out of alinement.
    If you have good feedback on this chiro then id say go.
    A good chiro wont just start adjusting things if their not sure what the issue actually is, & they may need to do x-rays if they cant tell hands on. if they get the x-rays back & its something that they cant help with/needs medical intervention.. they will refer you to a dr.
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