This is my first post..great site , have been on reading a lot and still a little confused

so i figured my bmr with 3-5 days of exercise to be 2749 calories--i do crossfit 2-3 x /wk , play basket ball 1 x and am on feet at work all day moving around(walking slowly)

body fat is about 14%

weight is 176lbs, so 151 lbs of lean body mass..

so 151x .7----105 g protein x 4== 422calories
100 g carbs x 4 ===400 calories

rest has to come from fat? even if i eat 100 g of fat x 9==900 calories

still only around 1800, that is a 1000 below bmr..

i am trying to lose some body fat around mid section--do these numbers seem correct...also having a hard time getting to that much fat an apple with almond butter ok before bed

any help would be great..thank you