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Thread: Peanut Butter Cravings?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leida View Post
    My favorite breakfast is about 2 oz of raw macadamia nuts with coffee. Once you make nuts into a meal, they stop being a snack... I find it helps. I actually had a tbsp of peanut butter this morning when I was icing the mini-cheesecakes. The result? Ate a tbsp of peanut butter and did not eat any cheescakes or icing.
    Thats a good idea. I tend to graze while I'm in the kitchen cooking. Next time I'll get a small spoon and some PB!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gopintos View Post
    Anyways, it seems as though my day just isnt complete until I eat it. I try not to because it is where the bulk of my daily carbs comes from, but then I just eat everything else but am just not happy until I eat it. Sometimes I think if I would start my day with that, I wouldn't need anything else and I would be happy all the rest of the day.
    This is EXACTLY how I feel, too! I have cut down completely grains and starches (and I am very happy fot this), but dairy-addiction seems too difficult to beat!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DOODitsglory View Post
    Oh my! How did you not choke?!?

    I was having really bad peanut butter cravings myself.Kept telling myself i was going to NOT buy more when i went to the store was alas it made it's way into my cart.What i started doing was making fat bombs with coconut oil and peanut butter that way i got the peanut butter craving fix but also got good MCT's.It also makes me full because of the good fats so i can't gorge myself on them.
    Raw talent.
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