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Thread: How to store bacon fat?

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    How to store bacon fat?

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    Hi I am just wondering if it is harmful to use bacon fat that has not been refrigerated. My hubby removes it from the fridge all the time and leaves it sitting out. Then I worry that I need to throw it out for fear of bacterial issues. Is it ok to use bacon fat that has been sitting at room temp for an entire day or more?
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    My grandma keeps her bacon fat out. Its a porcelain like container she keeps by the stove. It has 2 lids. One out lid, and one to strain out the fat to pour in the container. You can find them on amazon.
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    Not a problem...
    I'm pretty sure my grandmother kept hers on the counter ALL the time.

    I do keep mine in the refrigerator though... but I've left it out here and there and never had a batch turn on me.

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    I keep mine in a mason jar on the counter. It's completely fine. Bacteria and mold don't grow on fat. - preparing for life's worst while living for the best

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    Its a porcelain like container she keeps by the stove.

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    In a coffe cup in the fridge......

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    No one's asked if you live somewhere cold or hot. That might make a difference.

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    I keep mine in little mason jars in the fridge, only because I don't use it super frequently and I've noticed if I leave it out it starts to have a stale smell.
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    Same here, jar in the fridge.
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    Couple of days, no problem, like said bacteria needs water.
    I generally keep mine in the fridge, but sometimes gets forgotten and is left out, never had an issue and been doing this for a very long time.

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