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Thread: How do I know when chicken broth is nixed nutritionally?

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    How do I know when chicken broth is nixed nutritionally?

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    I've been making chicken broth off of 1 sloppily de-meated chicken carcass, some carrots and onions for the past 4 days (continuously) in a little crock-pot. Every 24-hours or so I've drained the broth into jars, put my chicken and veggies back in the pot, and filled 'er back up with water and a bit of ACV and salt.

    When do I stop and either add more/different bones and veg or just stop entirely? My broth has been turning darker and darker shades of brown.


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    are the bones soft? i use a stockpot and cook the bones til they are soft. i use backs, heads and feet.

    i'm thinking after 2 rounds your bones were pretty much toast for extraction. same carrots and onions? eesh. they were all used up in the first go. seriously, this stuff is all krazee cheap.
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