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Thread: Grain-loving mom just got diagnosed with diverticulosis

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    Grain-loving mom just got diagnosed with diverticulosis

    Hi all,

    My mom was recently diagnosed with diverticulosis. She and I don't get along very well, but I still care about her. Part of the reason we don't get along is because she has bought into CW 110% and thinks my lifestyle (high fat, high protein, low carb, grain and dairy free) is dangerous.

    She eats TONS of grains. I'm almost 100% convinced that this is what caused her problems in the first place. Is there any way I can convince her to lay off the muesli breakfasts and the sandwiches for lunch (on bread that makes nice claims on the package but is full of nasty shit, which, if I point that out to her, she tells me I need to relax, a little bit of something's not gonna kill me, etc.)?

    I've tried explaining to her that living in a perpetual state of carb-burning is not a good idea, but she insists that eating a lot of fat is even worse. If I try to press her as to why she thinks that or where she got her info, she'll shut me down, say she's not trying to have a debate, things like that.

    She's one who thinks all diseases can be cured with "fiber," thus the grain-eating. She's still doing some processed grains, too, like Cheerios and "whole wheat flour"... Thinks organic food is a "hoax"...

    Is there anything I can do to convince her to cut down on grains? Any articles linking overconsumption of grains to diverticulosis or other intestinal disorders?

    Thanks guys!
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