I just bought some coconut milk kefir at a local store that my doctor told me about. It's wonderful stuff--she alluded to the fact that once you buy some, you can use it as a starter to make your own by just adding a little of your store-bought stuff to coconut milk (we're talking the canned, thick kind here, not the watery stuff in boxes or bottles), putting this in a mason jar and letting it sit in a warm place.

Everything I find on this forum about coconut milk kefir makes it sound somewhat complex, what with having to buy the proper kefir grains and then store them in milk in between batches, etc. Would anyone be able to tell me if they have tried my doc's simple method? I know you can do this with yogurt, simply use a bit of your existing batch for starter for the next batch, so it seems that it should work w/coconut milk, but I'd like to see if anyone else has tried this and how it worked out before I give it a shot.

Thanks for any info you can offer.