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    Cool Hello, nice to meet you; I am a recovering cheesehead

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    Hello, I'm newish here. I peek in every once in a while to pick up some wisdom and to shake my head "yes" at some issues like cheese addiction.

    Today is a week since I cold turkeyed on dairy. This is the second time this year I am attempting this. The first time I had no support; and when I came down with a "flu" after 6 weeks and couldn't face the foods I'd been eating during the week leading up to it (up to the flu) I had to go back to my old comfort foods: dairy products.

    Trying it again now. Now I know that it was probably part of the process -- the bone tiredness, the mental, physical, spiritual lethargy, the unending mucus...

    Today I woke up in a sea of brain fog (mind, this is only a week in). I am hoping my previous attempt counts a bit and that this withdrawal will be a little easier.

    I am pretty much Paleo. But I think of it as vegan-carnivore. Meaning, I seek out vegan foods -- vegetables, obviously, and protein bars, shakes and things made for vegans, so they're dairy-free. And then I eat meat. I realize I eat the meat my cats eat: chicken, turkey, seafood, beef in descending order.

    Anyway, that's my tale so far. Oh, I have been off of grains for a couple of years now. But dairy took some working-up-to.

    Nice to meet you. Hope I can add something worthwhile here!

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    Nice to meet you Queen. In looking at your post, just be careful of the processed vegan food such as the bars/shakes/etc. You can be dairy free without including those items in your diet. Good luck on your journey.
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