I turned 55 last week.

Last time I weighed myself, two weeks ago, I was at 186 for my 5'6" medium-large frame.
Body fat calculated on September 22 at 34% which classifies me as "obese" even though I don't look like it.
My lean body mass is 123.7.

My goals:
Maintain LBM, or slightly increase
Lose 50 pounds
Blow my doctor's mind
Knock my husband off his stupid DASH diet

My plan:
Eat an average of 85g protein daily.
Limit carbs to a range of 50 - 100g daily.
Target net calorie intake: 1200 until weight loss achieved, then figure out maintenance target.

swimming: 1x at 60 minutes+
walking: minimum 10 miles weekly
weight training: 3x weekly

Finish rehab of friend's garden plot and plant seasonal vegetables year-round
Eliminate grains (done, except occasional quinoa)
Continue weekly progressive horseback riding lessons (both "play" and "exercise")
Spend one hour outside, weather permitting, daily

Major bucket list items (subject to change!):
Compete in endurance horseback riding
Learn to weave
Have my hubby go primal