Hi there,

This is my first post on MDA, so please excuse me if I'm going about this the wrong way, but I after going at it on my own for a bit, I thought I should reach out to the community for help. My issue is this (will go into more detail below): I went gluten free a little over a year ago and primal about three weeks ago, but my energy levels are low, my eyes are burning, I haven't slept well in two weeks and I have a ridiculous thirst, and I haven't seen the dramatic changes in physique/burst in energy that others have. What am I doing wrong?


- To tone down habitual stomach pains, I went gluten free in August 2011 and have eaten that way (relatively easily, actually!) for ~95% of the time (something breaded, or bite of a dessert of someone's birthday, etc. make up the other 5%). But, I did rely heavily on carb-heavy/starchy foods to replace bread/pasta, e.g., rice, beans, potatoes.

- I began using non-processed sugar many years ago, but decided at the beginning of this summer to relinquish my use of maple syrup, raw cane sugar, honey, etc. (in teas, baking, coffee) after delving into Sarah Wilson's writing. This is also when I began using a lot more non-processed coconut milk, raw/virgin coconut oil, chia seeds etc. (Not only in my diet, but began switching out chemical beauty products for ones that I could actually eat!)

- I leaned toward Chronic Cardio workouts. My weekly mix included: running/elliptical/stairs for ~30 minutes, sprints/hill runs, biking for 45M-60M, free weights for 20M, yoga for 30M.

- My nutrition generally consisted of about 45% fat, 35% carbs, 20% protein, or ~90g fat/day, ~150g carb/day, ~61g protein/day

Then last month I began getting more interested in the primal way of life because even with those changes to my diet, I still always felt tired, lacked energy even after a restful sleep, I had trimmed down a little, but I had yet to get the muscle definition/toning I wanted, and my skin had started acting up.

After reading through a LOT of the archives of this site and Nora G.'s Primal Body, Primal Mind, three weeks ago I embarked on a full force primal diet, e.g., no carbohydrates from starches (which was a big difference from just being gluten-free), militantly watched out for sugar added to foods I was buying/consuming, significantly upped my protein (harder than I thought!), and began following the Primal philosophy on working out.

I did see a few pounds drop quite easily, but still haven't noticed drop in layer of fat on my body AND I feel more tired and listless than before! My symptoms don't seem to be the "carb flu", but maybe it is? Or, maybe I'm not being patient enough? (My macronutrient breakdown over the last three primal weeks: 65%/93g fat, 14%/45g carb, 22%/69g protein, on average.

Any thoughts?