My fish oil is about to run out, and I thought I would seize the opportunity to test drive some krill oil. I'm not any kind of zealot when it comes to supplementation, but we've been reading increasing amounts about krill oil, and I was just interested to try it out and see if I noticed any differences.

Trundling into the chemist, though, it seems everyone has jumped on the bandwagon before me - every brand out there is doing krill oil. Capsules, oils, different strengths, different pricing...a bewildering array of options. And when I turned to the MDA forum archives to look for recommendations, most brands were unfamiliar American ones.

Do any Aussies out there have a preferred/recommended krill oil? Or do you prefer to buy online? I'm not looking for any fancy formulation - just a general health enhancer, especially to protect my joints and help my omega-3 levels through the occasional lack of grass-fed meats (student budget).

Thanks for any advice!