Hello all, I'm from Kent in the UK.

I'm a week in to full primal, i started after i'd read a little way into the book. Book now finished and i've moved on to Wheat Belly.
I'm not a 'dip you toes' guy so i've jumped head first. Dumped all processed sugar and all grains straight away.
Feeling great! Lost 6lb already (i was not bad already, 174lb @ 5'9")

Just got my first decent sleep in ages, went to bed a little earlier than usual after a reading wind-down and woke naturally before my alarm this morning

Spent the weekend with my parents (my mum has trouble with cholesterol and generally wants to lose weight but usually can't motivate herself to exercise much), managed to convert them with the science already! Mum's reading PB now and they've been doing good with food and mum's even been taking brisk lunchtime walks.

I currently share a place with my ex-wife (UGH!) and i offered her Wheat Belly this morning (as she got cereal and bread out to take to work) and she said: 'no thanks!' (with a snort of derision)
Oh well you just can't help some people! I'll offer again when my six pack is showing hehe

I love reading the success stories on here, gets me excited about what is to come!
So thanks all for those