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Thread: Primal and "silent" reflux (asthma symptoms)

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    Primal and "silent" reflux (asthma symptoms)

    Long time reader, first post here. I've gravitated to a lower carb diet because I notice that I feel better when limiting starchy foods. If I eat them on their own, I get the glycemic response. If I eat them with meat and other stuff...bloating.

    Here's the problem w/going primal though: reflux, or in my case, the silent reflux (LPR) that causes shortness of breath and various symptoms in the lungs w/no heartburn. One thing that HAS helped knock down silent reflux (and actually helped me kick PPIs over a year ago) is following the advice in a book called "Dropping Acid." It was written by a gastroenterologist and an ENT. The book recommends 2 weeks on a low-acid, low-reflux diet, the theory being that pepsin rides along with acid like crabs in the tide when you reflux, and then the pepsin grabs on to your chest area. The acid doesn't cause the problem, it activates the pepsin that causes the problem. So then when you eat fatty foods that cause reflux or acidic foods, acid is getting to where it activates this pepsin and voila... discomfort. So what is this diet? As you might guess, it's little fruit (bananas and melons), only low-fat meats like skinless chicken breast and fish, fat free dairy, egg whites, starches, and vegetables. Not much in the way of proteins. No nuts and seeds or pork or beef due to the tendency to stir up acid. No acidic stuff like berries and lots of other things that make things taste good. No bacon. No onions or tomatoes.

    After you go through this 2w period, you can introduce other things and I've been able to eat many of these things again as long as I don't get out of control, but here's the point... and maybe I'm approaching this incorrectly... You can't eat 2000+ calories worth of vegetables, low fat meat, and a a few servings of fruit every day. You are either going to have to get lots of your calories from fats/oils or you get them from carbs. My body doesn't like either extreme, so I've sort of had to compromise with... a "balanced" diet. It's all been a rather aggravating journey, as I am allergic to seafood and stuff like dairy and beans don't sit well. It can be hard to get enough calories. Normally my diet is a mix of higher and lower fat meats, lots of nuts and seeds, fruit, vegetables, and a serving or two of grains. I seem to do ok with this except when I get out of control (for example, have a bad day and eat a bunch of chocolate)... That stirs up the silent GERD, causes problems in my chest/lungs, then I have to go on this induction diet in the Low Acid cookbook to get things under control. Anyway, I've had to come to an uncomfortable compromise with carbs and fats.

    Curious for others' thoughts here who are dealing with silent GERD, and hopefully the Dropping Acid suggestion helps someone. I hate the diet, but it has helped me get things under control.
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