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Thread: Australian Article: Pro-Paleo : Diet and Disease: what's the link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by annedawso View Post
    "If you double your fibre intake, you halve the risk of bowel cancer, he says. Eat a high-fibre cereal, or make your own baked beans. He uses a recipe from Stephanie Alexander, which has bacon, one of the things to avoid - but he prefers everything in moderation. "

    Just curious as to what high fibre foods you eat. I eat a lot of vegetables, just worrying though this may not be enough?
    I eat chia seeds soaked overnight in water. They along with, a couple of stevita drops, powdered cinnamon/ginger/turmeric, frozen organic berries are blended into a post-workout smoothie. Also omega-3 enriched eggs (2-4 of 'em depending on my mood or how many eggs I have), home made yogurt or kefir, maybe toss in some hemp seeds.

    Bottom line is I get my fibre from green leafy veggies mostly(arugula, spinach, brocolli, small ass & big ass salads), chilli peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, celery etc as well as some super food seeds & some berries too. Don't sweat it, I don't...
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