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Thread: Ancestral dog diet?

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    I have raw fed for just over 6 years now and probably know more about it than is healthy.

    I don't think breed makes as much a difference as the individual. You might find a collie who does great on mutton for example, but equally one that does badly on it. The digestive system hasn't been changed by domestication.

    I've just come back from picking up a batch of dog food. 7 ox hearts, 1 ox tripe, half a dozen pig trotters, some chicken plus liver and kidney I buy most weeks in small amounts from a local butcher. A friend of mine has just changed his poodle from kibble to raw and the poodle is doing great on it. Completely obvious that the food suits him.

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    How about cats? They are happy with pretty much any raw meat, yes?

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    I don't know if this came up before, but it's definitely been discussed in other threads. Cats need organs and bones in their raw food. Just muscle meat will leave to nutritional deficiencies and they will die untimely deaths.
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    I love this topic haha. My pets were raw before I was primal. Animal nutrition is kind of a hobby, species appropriate nutrition for everyone in my house! people included now that we are a grain free house haha.

    I'll throw out a hopefully not to long summary, and be happy to direct anyone who wants it to some great raw communities and sites.

    BARF vs Prey model - barf (bones and raw foods, biologically approprite raw foods) normally includes veggies and maybe some small bits of fruit as regular components in the diet. This is fed by people who believe dogs to be more omnivores or by those who believe that the stomach contents of their prey are a vital part of the diet. Veggies and plant matter can be up to 25% of the diet in some recomendations. Although personally this is WAY to much if you ask me. If you want to add some veggies go for it. But they have to be "pre digested" most of the time. Cooked to mush, pureed in a blender, etc. Prey model is attempting to recreat whole prey from various parts, also called frankenprey. Basically over time you want to feed a whole deer, or a whole chicken, etc, including the bones organs, skin and anything else you can get. A dog getting just meat and nothing else will end up with serious problems. Bone and organs are a requirement, not an addition, in any diet you feed. Never feed cooked bone!!! Cooked bones splinter instead of crumble/crush. Give the bones to your dog raw, with meat attached. For prey model the "rule of thumb" is 10% bone, 5% liver 5% some other organ (heart does not count) ad 80% mucle meat. Heart is muscle because it does not secrete or manufacture anything for the body. Usually I get kidney because it is the easiest to find. For barf feeding the ratios vary depending on the style of diet. The raw meaty bones style is higher in bone and veg, more recent recomendations are loer in bone (closer to prey model) and lower in veg and higher in muscle meat. Everyone inludes offal.

    Cats cats do not need veggies, a tiney tiny ammount can be cooked to mush and pureed and given if it makes you feel beter it won't hurt them (think less the 5% of the diet) but really they are obligate carnivores. Raw cat diets basically come in 2 varieties, the prey model/frankenprey diet, stick to the above guidelines (10% bone 5% liver 5% other organ 80% meat) or a ground diet. Basically making raw wetfood. Take the same ratios above (some omit the other organ and make heart a mandatory additive) and run through a grinder (yes you are also grinding the bone). there is some required suplementation when doing ground because grinding degrades tauring which is essential for cats. So you have to add turine. Most recipies include b vitamins, since they are easily destroyed as well, vit e to slow oxidization in the ground meat, and some kind of fish oil for omega three fatty acids. And, as mentioned above, organs and bone are absolutely essential, not optional.
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