I work in an office, for about 3-4 months now I've been getting in the habit of having the following after lunch, anytime between 1-4pm and since I work from home once a week I'll likely have this up four times in a week (each day I work) though I sometimes don't have it at all.

frozen blueberries (sometimes also frozen strawberries)
plain or strawberry flavored Kefir from trader joes
some sort of nut, lately lots of brazil nuts, almonds or pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

all in a bowl that's not all that big, but I can't tell you exactly how much it measures. A small soup bowl.

I don't personally see any issues with it, all ingredients are from Trader Joe's and kefir isn't just yogurt, there's some good bacteria in that shit. The only thing I can think of is a) developing a habit (though I never think about it outside of work) b) too much sugar? I'm mostly having it with the flavored kefir over the plain c) too much selenium via brazil nuts? is that possible? I'd say I have 5-8 nuts per bowl - I think I've read you only need 1-3 for the daily recommended dose of selenium... not sure what downsides if any there are from that.

However, I also ask from a body composition stand-point. I haven't gained any weight that I'd be unhappy with, but I suppose it could get up there on the calories and it's not something I eat because I'm truly hungry (at least not most of the time) but rather just bored and looking for something to munch on. If it wasn't for this I'd just be having lunch and dinner, but if it's too much I could skip it more often.