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    Dry Knuckles

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    So I'm currently attending school in Rochester, NY. For those of you that don't know, it's cold and dry in the Winter, hot and humid in the Summer. And by Winter, I mean October through April. The cold and dry part of the year really does a number on my knuckles. I drink plenty of water, so it's not dehydration. It's not actually that cold out right now; I'm wearing short sleeves in the shade as I type this. So aside from wearing gloves all the time, any suggestions? What's worked for you guys?

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    Buy a pair of cheap cotton gloves, not the scratchy type, then before bedtime grease your hands up really well and put on the gloves. Sleep, then by morning they should be well moisturized. You can use socks as well if you can't find the right gloves.

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    My hands get dry at each season change. Who knows why? Anyway, what works best for me is a slathering of olive oil a few times a day. Rub it in. Olive oil + the gloves at night would be a great combo.

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    I put a little coconut oil on mine. Little goes a long way..
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    If you don't mind trying something new, we have had success with USP grade lanolin as a lotion and then taking homeopathic petroleum. You can get a tube of the little round homeopathic spheres at any good health food store and and the Vitamin Shoppe. The lanolin is at any drug store, usually either in the hand lotion section or in the one with stuff for nursing mothers (it also helps with cracked nipples...). Also make sure to keep your hands out of detergents like dish soap - use gloves - the degreasing action of detergents is too strong in winter.

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    I like the feel of shea butter. I started using it in Africa while climbing Mt. Kilimangaro (some seriously cold and dry air up there).

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    I use coconut oil at night right before bed. It seems to help. I wash my hands in warm water for a bit and then apply and rub in the coconut oil.

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    then before bedtime grease your hands up really well

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    And make sure to eat liver for the B vitamins, that helps many people's dry skin.
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